Sunday, September 23, 2012


There are things I relearn every time I paint.  Here is a rough list:


1.      Don’t rush choosing the paint color.  Having to repaint is twice as shitty as doing it once.

2.      Don’t wear your favorite_______________.

3.      Don’t wipe your hands on your clothes.  The paint just seeps through onto your expensive underthings and your person, leading you to freak out a little hours after you completed the paint job.

4.      Don’t soak your roller dumb-ass.  If you soak your roller in paint it ends up spattered all over your arms.

5.      Don’t imbibe.  It makes you care less.

6.      Listen to killer jams really loud so when someone comes up behind you and startles you, you end up dropping an over-soaked roller in your lap.





My new studio is painted.  Perhaps a bit too institutional grey, but nothing a shit ton of sketches and artwork can’t cover.  And I love me some grey.

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