Wednesday, August 08, 2007


My evil twin was in town last week, Madge. Some might call us doppelgangers, others, sisters separated at birth, but today I shall call her my evil twin. I don’t get to see her very often, but the few times a year she graces my homestead, we have a grand-ol-time.

This visit, as like many, she prodded me to make some clothes for her. And unlike other visits, money changed hands and I started sewing. The commissioned series I will call “Summer Fashion Madge 2007”. Summer Fashion Madge 2007 will consist of four pieces. A coat, a jacket, a fancy blouse with bow and a handy knit pullover (wrinkle resistant, of course).

Now, for those who know me, I sew many of my own clothes, which is easy, because I know my shape and size and I can just start cutting. When it come to other figures, and figures come in many shapes and sizes, it becomes a bit more difficult, so sewing from a pattern comes in handy, as patterns have already solved the fitting crisis for me. I have become savvy enough throughout my sewing life to figure out how to alter patterns to work for my taste, and so the last three pieces I am making for Summer Fashion Madge 2007 I am going to work from a pattern. However, the first I am not.

Two or three years ago I created a jacket inspired by my brothers six years serving in the US Army. When he returned from his fourth tour overseas he gave me one of his name tags, I set it aside and used it as the jumping off point for the jacket below.

Madge, whose family has strong military ties, immediately pushed me to make her a similar version. And so, the first piece for Summer Fashion Madge 2007 was an easy decision. Not having a pattern makes it a bit more difficult to re-create, but I think I can get close. I have a dress-form, which makes sizing a bit easier, and a few hours before her plane left I was able to get her into my studio for a quick fitting.

Thus is the progress so far:

Unfortunately, as I was rocking out to the new Interpol yesterday and serging the inside sleeve to remove excess fabric and create a smoother line my serger plum stopped working. Did it not enjoy this indie New York foursome? I don’t get it. So I was making great headway… and BLAM, a wrench was thrown in the works. I am hoping it will be an inexpensive fix, cuz I am itching to continue!!!

So until it is up an running again I shall make some more flower arrangements (look how much this one rocks!!!!) You should smell it too. Chocolate cosmos, pungent roses, bright California poppies and fuchsia… who could go wrong???

Does anyone know of a cheap deal on a serger?

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