Tuesday, October 16, 2012

creatively sleeping

I have a nasty habit of closing my eyes and having design come to me.  I don't know if it is the blank canvas that is the back of my lids?  Or the turning off of distractions around me?  But I inevitably wake up at a devilishly dark hour with a stroke of brilliance. 

This morning it was 3:41.  
I finally gave in and rose at 4:40. 
Tea in hand I type. 
1/2 a tea in hand I sketch.

At least my brain wakes me up so I don't miss these moments. I just wish they happened when my eyes were already functioning.

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Karina - Project K said...

Ditto. I get the same thing and there is no way your going back to sleep because the brilliance will never return. I've been just tired enough too many times to learn that lesson.

Huge Fan, loved your final show for Project Runway, wanted to own every single piece. I loved it. And that chap look with the oversize wolf sweater and silk top? LOOOOVED it. No shit, I want to buy it all. Hook a girl up.

all the best of luck to you!