Saturday, July 31, 2010

Challenge One: 'And Sew it Begins'

The first challenge contestants were told they weren’t on the show yet, and that they had one final step in the interview process before they could move in to their sleeping quarters. They were to open their suitcases, grab one garment to incorporate into their next challenge. Things got really interesting when they had to hand that garment to the person on their right! YIKES!!! ½ hour of sketching time and 5 hours of sewing time, this is the shortest challenge Project Runway has served up to date, which will be a nice beginner challenge for me.

To modify this project to fit into my Home-Studio-Project-Runway challenge, I had my husband Manny grab a garment of his and put it into a paper bag, as seen here.

I will open the bag, inspect the garment, take 30 minutes to sketch and then 5 hours to sew. I will not stop the timer for pee breaks or lunch, it will continue to run until it chimes at the 5 hour mark, in which time I will stop sewing.


I am going to open the bag… I hope it isn’t dirty underwear… or worse yet, something of mine!

Kenneth Cole men’s dress shirt, complete with stain! I think I can handle this one.

Let the games begin!

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