Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Project Runway Challenge #5 ‘There is an ‘I’ in Team’

In this challenge the designers were teamed up in groups of six and create a cohesive collection that is on trend for fall 2010. Easy? Well working with other head-strong designers is never easy, but another loop was thrown, where each team had to choose a concept and a textile from the “2010 Trend Board.”

Here is how it works; there are 4 concepts the teams were to choose from: Minimalist, 50’s Retro/Ladylike shapes, Menswear for Women and Military. And there were 5 Textiles/Color Story concepts to choose from: Gold/Metallic, Camel, Leopard/Cheetah Prints, Plaid & Lace.

By narrowing down each team’s concept, it allowed the designers to use their own voices in design, but helped keep the collection cohesive… at least that was the goal.

I don’t have the opportunity to pair up with 5 other designers and sewing a collection over the course of the day, nor do I have the $1000 budget for fabric, but I DO have your help! Altering this challenge to fit my parameters I will have $75 and you will choose my Concept and Textile! WEEEEE.

Starting now through Friday at 9am you, my dear, handsome/attractive, smart friend will choose one Concept and one Textile from the 2010 Trend Board and post your choice here on my blog, email it to me or Face book your vote to me. At 9am on Friday, September 3rd, I will tally all the votes and the Concept with the most votes and the Textile with the most votes will be my inspiration to create a garment to go in Fall 2010 line.

Are you up for it?

Let’s GO!

Concept (Choose ONE):
50’s Retro/Ladylike shapes
Menswear for Women

Textiles/Color Story (Choose ONE):
Leopard/Cheetah Prints

Your time starts NOW!!!


chazfresh said...

Minimalist/Cheetah! That's my vote!

Katie said...


Lisa Mac said...

I totally agree with Katie....minimilist/Gold-Metallic!

Aika Krecek said...

I wanna see Menswear for women and plaid...

Although, with how the votes are currently, I think I will be outnumbered :)

Whatever you made will be phenomenal. PS. way to switch this one up... it's kinda a tough one.

Mia said...

Menswear for Women/Gold

bags, fags, & drags said...

Thanks ya'll for your support! Now tell your friends, I only have 10 votes so far, and there aren't any leaders!

Anastasia said...

Menswear with leopard/cheetah print!

Fox and Squirrel said...

menswear leopard/cheetah!

Tyler said...

I think I'm too late, but my vote is for minimalist/cheetah