Monday, September 13, 2010

Project Runway Challenge #6: 'You can totally wear that again!'

The 'something blue' is covered, but I don't think they got the 'something toothfairy' right...

Ahhh the bridesmaid dress, worst feared by friends of future brides, often made of polyester, ill fitting, terrible solid colors and way too expensive… were those brides really your friends to begin with?

Three of these things just don't belong here!

Well, I have never been a bridesmaid; in fact I have only been to 4 weddings, one of which was my own. I didn’t have bridesmaids and those friends that did tie the knot, knew better not to have me in a poly frock standing next to them. So when I saw the Project Runway episode that aired on September 9th, I was already pretty disgusted.

Why do these ladies have their bras on over their dresses?

I have been working in the Alterations business since May and have had my fair share of wedding dress and bridesmaid dress alterations. Most of the time the dresses are made from cheap, plastic looking and feeling fabric, can you even call this crap fabric? Shiny. Rough. GLUED?!?! No, those embellishments aren’t hand sewn on by a couturier in France; they were spray glued on in China! And you paid HOW MUCH FOR THAT?

These Yoga Bridesmaids are ready to do some sun salutations!

Blows my mind and my spirit.

I am very excited to repurpose a dress, a dress that was purchased for a one time only wear. A dress that has sat in someone’s closet for too many years waiting to make it to its next stage in life: a thrift store and then a landfill.

Orange you glad your not a banana?

I will take you on poly-extravaganza and turn you into a Tony-Danza! (Errrr maybe not).

I get the dress Thursday night and start sewing Friday. Are you ready bridesmaids around the world? Are you ready to strike in the name of One-Time-Wear-Landfill dresses?

Ok, it was the 70's but I would rather see a wide lapel white suit!!!

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