Friday, September 03, 2010

Results are in, 25 voters total, this is how they threw their stones:

Minimalist: 10 votes
50’s Retro/Ladylike shapes: 5 votes
Menswear for Women: 9 votes
Military: 1 vote

Textiles/Color Story:
Gold/Metallic: 7 votes
Camel: 0 votes
Leopard/Cheetah Prints: 6 votes
Plaid: 5 votes
Lace: 7 votes

Going into this project I was really excited to have my friends and family act as my team-mates and choose the direction I would style my ‘Fall Trend 2010’ garment after. I truly thought they would be kind, rewind my VHS copy of Cool Runnings, and choose a concept and textile that reflect me as a designer.

Did they? Looking at the voting results, I think NOT!

I love to do vintage inspired 50’s style garments! And Menswear for women! COMEON!! Can’t you just picture a pair of wide leg plaid trousers, blousy, feminine top and smoking hot tight leather vest? I CAN!! And don’t get me started on the Military look!! Who remembers the jacket I designed after my brother returned home from the military where I used one of his name patches? HELLO? Voters, art thou not my friends?

On the upside, the Chico’s voice was squashed and I shall not have to deal in leopard! And what is wrong with Camel? That is probably the biggest trend for fall, which is a bummer because I Good Willed my camel coat years ago, and it was stunning! Oh, and then there is plaid. PLAID!!!! My favorite, most used textile of all time!!! Only 5 votes?? But no, my friends and family want a look that screams ‘Bardello’! Hooker chic with a minimalist twist!

Well good friends, I will take your challenge and turn it up to 11. Oh yes, I am not only going to rock a Minimalist garment, but will use both Gold/Metallic AND Lace. WOA! (I just blew your minds a little.)

½ hour to sketch
12 hours to sew

Thank ya’ll for your help. I will post my sketch before shopping!

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