Thursday, August 12, 2010

Couple of things...

First off, I am not wearing any pants. HA pants manufacturers!
Secondly, Minute Rice sucks!

But these two things are not why I am blogging.

With less than 8 hours until my next challenge episode I need to get prepared. I am currently working on a dress to wear to a wedding, as well as a vest and tie for my lover so he doesn’t end up looking like a bum while we slow dance to Sade. I will post photos once the garments are complete. So I need to clean my studio to get prepared.

After every project, what started as a clean, creative space looks like a garbage piƱata exploded in my 10 x 12 space… so I need to tidy up before tomorrow.

But this topic isn’t the reason why I am blogging.

My neighbor needs to burn her closet. She just left her house in white denim sausage casings! Friends, if something is a little snug go a size up please! You won’t lose those pesky 5 lbs, but if you go a size up it will look like you did! And ladies, help your friends, let them know if something is too tight, or too slutty, or too mom jeans, they will thank you for it.

That is all dear friends. My PSA for the day.

Ok, so here are some pictures of the dress muslin I am working on. There are two different ways to pattern a garment. There is flat patterning, where a pattern is created by using and modifying a pattern block, called a sloper. Slopers are made using body measurements, such as bust, waist and shoulder measurements.

The other way to create a pattern is to drape one. This requires a dress form (a soft mannequin you can pin into) and fabric, generally muslin, which is inexpensive. By pinning and manipulating the fabric on the dress form, you can create a garment to then pattern. I do both, but really love draping. I feel like the fabric starts speaking to me, and even if I go into the process with a garment in mind, after draping it in muslin, instead of flat patterning, I create something 10 times as good.
I went into this dress thinking about paper airplanes. The dress fabric is really geometric… but you will just have to wait and see. I just hope the details don’t get lost in the fabric…

You’ll just have to wait and see.

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Aika Krecek said...

I like this a lot... I am totally see the "paper airplane" aesthetic coming through. Can't wait to see the final product :)