Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Runway Challenge #3: It’s a Party

Well, in true Project Runway fashion, I didn’t sleep a wink last night. I am only on my first cup of tea, and don’t really feel like having a party… But as Tim Gunn says, I am going to have to make it work.

This challenge should be a gag once I get down to hooters, streamers, bells and whistles, for it starts at a Party Store. Here are the details of the challenge:

30 minutes to shop at a Party Store
$100 budget ( I will only be spending $75)
Full day to sew
Muslin fabric can be used as a base for the dress
Glue Guns/ Spray Paint/ Staples all OK
Surprise Bonus Challenge ½ way through the day

As soon as I found out it was a Party Store Challenge I knew where I was going to go to get supplies: Lippman Co. Party Store in the SE Portland waterfront area ( Lippman’s has been around since 1948 and is THE party store of my youth.

(They used to be housed about a ½ of a mile away on Grand when I was growing up, right in that area where they are doing all of that road construction. A former boss of mine got a traffic ticket there, he used ‘Where the old Lippman Co. used to be” as a point of reference to his ticket.)

Lippman Co. opens at 9 so I need to get moving. I grab a cup of joe on the way out, but might not need one, since their staff is so hipster-hot I can get energized just by looking at them! (Am I right people, who was with me there last?)

Once I get home the clock starts. 12 hours. At some point a dear friend needs to drop off a bag of Party crap for me to make an accessory out of to wear with the garment.

Am I starting to get excited: YES!
Am I Miss Teenage Sparkle Party: YES!

Do I have an idea for what kind of party a lady would wear this dress to? YES!
Think “Katy Perry goes to a holiday party at Liza Minnelli’s house” and the holiday is VALENTINE’s DAY!!

Sparkle love bring it on!!


Fox and Squirrel said...

wow! what a fun one! if anyone can bring the sparkle and the fun, it's you, my dear! can't wait!!!!

Aika Krecek said...

The moment I heard the challenge announced last night, I immediately thought, "OMG, Michelle is gonna make something phenomenal!" I can't wait either... Just don't do what Casanova did! HAHA.