Thursday, August 05, 2010

Project Runway Challenge #2: Larger than Life

Just finished watching Episode #2 (go Portland, by the way), and am geared up for tomorrow's challenge.

Here are the parameters:

Design a outfit for the Marie Clare Woman: Intelligent, Practical, Fashion Forward & Sexy
30 minutes to sketch
$150 fabric budget
30 minutes to shop
Full day of sewing time

I am changing things a bit to fit my world. I will do all of the above, changing the budget to $75 (we are broke ya'll) and confining my "One day of sewing time" to 12 hours, since they really don't tell you how long a "One Day" time limit really is.

On the episode they got up at 6am, there is filming time, finding out about the challenge, getting to the shopping site, etc... I bet they start at noon sewing and I know they finish at midnight. So tomorrow morning I shall awake, hit up the store for a Marie Clare, go home and sketch for 1/2 hour, hit up fabric depot at 9 when they open and then work from 10am till 10pm.

Wish me luck ya'll!

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