Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Project Runway Challenge #3: FIN

Party Store Challenge: Was it a party?

I think not. I enjoyed getting outside of my comfort zone, but wouldn’t choose to work with these materials unless it was Halloween, because even without trying, it looks like a costume. I also wasn’t too keen on using a glue gun. Glue gun boogers are the pits.

My inspiration was Katy Perry going to a Valentines Day party at Liza Minnelli’s house.

I suppose my inspiration was quite costume-y to begin with, choosing a woman who dresses sexy and slightly outlandish with out being too Lady Gaga, so I shouldn’t beat myself up about the garment looking like a costume, even though Nina Garcia would say it. I can hear her voice now:

‘It is cute and girly… (pause, pause, pause) but it is a little costume-y. However, (pause, pause, pause) the style lines are lovely and very reminiscent of a heart, which goes with your inspiration.’

Would Katy Perry wear it? Hells yes.
Would normal Nancy? No.
Am I happy with the outcome? Hells yes!

Let’s get into the details. For this dress I used balloons, plastic plates, tickets, napkins, streamers and a touch of tablecloth, and by a touch I mean about 12 x 2 inches. I built an interior bustier structure for the bust section out of plastic plates, having them act as boning. What is boning? Boning, which used to be made of bone, hence its name, is now constructed out of plastic or coiled wire. Boning is strategically placed in garments to provide gravity defying structure. Boning is most often found in bustiers and in strapless formal wear to keep the boobies up, but it is not limited to these garments. Many couture designers use it in hems, style lines, sleeves, etc. to create very dramatic lines.

For the outside of the garment I then used the plastic plates again to create very dramatic and modern lines around the bust, filling in the free spaces with peacock-like tickets. The further and further progress I made the more and more the tickets looked like feathers, and aesthetic I really enjoy. For added flare I created a fringed effect on the bottom of the dress with napkins, tablecloth and a touch of streamer for some sparkle.

What I like: the matte tickets, the structured top of the dress, the color palate, the whimsy of it all.

What I don’t care for: the costume aspect of the garment, the lack of something to make it pop, and my (pause, pause, pause) accessory. I said it. I know ya’ll were thinking it.

Part of the challenge was to create an accessory. Did I, yes, don’t you see that magnificent yellow star ring? Is this accessory a cop-out? YES. I waited to the last minute to come up with something. And by last minute, I mean I had 10 minutes left on my count down timer.

Would I be kicked off Project Runway for my garment? I doubt it.
Would I be in the bottom 3 for my lack of effort on an accessory? Possibly.

The real question is, when it comes to dressing, who do you most relate to?
a) Lady Gaga
b) Katy Perry
c) Normal Nancy

And would you wear this dress?


Aika Krecek said...

1. Dressing wise, I would LOVE to say Katy Perry because I like her "girly" yet young boy look! Buuuut, sadly, I am a normal nancy :(

2. I personally would not wear this beautiful party dress because I like straps on my dresses because I feel like my shoulders are too broad.

But I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! This is gorgeous and would definitely beat the majority of dresses made on last week's episode! Go Michelle!

Timmy would be proud :)

Fox and Squirrel said...

I would have to also say, Normal Nancy. I love Lady Gaga's style, of course, and given the opportunity to have 5 minutes in her closet, would come out dressed just like her and loving it. Katy Perry, in my opinion, is a douche. Don't even like one thing about her...was that harsh? I would absolutely wear this dress, though wouldn't feel very 'me' in it!
I love it and I love you.

Katie said...

I am a mix of B and C. Katy Perry with a bit of Normal Nancy. Or Classic Katie is how I would rather put it.
Love this. Amazing.

Fixin for fun said...

awesome! well done!

Daisy said...

I am definitely a NN, but would wear this dress in a heartbeat. I love the lines and the cut; very clean. I have to say my favorite part is the boning. I'm no fashionista, but I am a fan of pretty things. I've never seen PR, so I don't really know much about how they would react, but how could they not love this? Remember that Oscar dress whatshername wore with the AmEx credit cards? This is better. Kudos!