Sunday, August 22, 2010

PIE & HATS... both for your face!

In honor of a best gals' birthday, I am baking my first recipe from 'Retro Pies: A Collection of Celebrated Family Recipes' today.

[I blogged about it last month, baking my way through the 79 pies in this book over the course of the rest of the year (and probably beyond), and sharing my experience (and pies if you are lucky)].

I asked her what her favorite pie was, hoping she would choose #11 (Mystic Seaport Clam Pie) or #30 (Deep South Peanut Butter Pie) or even #57 (Virginia REAL Whiskey Apple Pie- she loves to hit the Whiskey!). But alas, she went Berry and Chocolate. I'm not feeling very inspired by baking a berry pie, so I am going CHOCOLATE!!

#78: Three-Alarm Chocolate Pie

The filling includes:
- instant coffee
- eggs
- unsweetened chocolate
- semi sweet chocolate
- sugar
- whipping cream

This is only 6 of the pies 15 ingredients! The author notes: 'this pie is very rich and well worth the work.' YES!!

I will have a little note card for people to fill out if they want to participate in the feedback for my pie cook-off challenge. I think questions will include:

1. What is your favorite pie?
2. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest, how would you rate this pie?
3. What was the most successful part of this pie?
4. W hat was the least successful?
5. Would you eat this pie again?

These questions might evolve over time, but for now K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid)!
Let me know what pie questions you might have!

NOW, down to the next order of buisness. I NEED A HAT!!!! And not just any ol hat, a fancy, pantsy, daring, elegant hat to base my next Project Runway Challenge after. I will probably sew Wednesday and Thursday... so I will need a hat before then. Any suggestions? Any hats ya'll?


Fixin for fun said...

i know the lady who bought seaplane...which i don't think really exists anymore but she had some hats. shall i ask her?

Katie said...

Oh I wish I wouldn't have read this so that i could be surprised. But I am excited!! Check out this blog I read occasionally (Friend of Kate Fiegin)
She is doing similar cooking challenges. And this girl cooks! I don't know when she has the time to cook and eat all this stuff. Check it out!
See you later!