Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sorry Ya'll

You know that saying “When life gives you lemons…” Well, sometimes life hands you lemons and there is no fucking way you have the spirit or energy to make lemonade in a timely fashion and that is what has happened to me.

There are three things that I hate:
1. Death
2. Ugg Boots
3. Heat*

Well this past 4 days has handed me two of the three, and I wish one of them was Ugg boots. The worst of which was the unexpected death of my dear beloved Timmy cat, a sewing companion that I probably have cursed more then praised in the studio. (He had a penchant for getting into my thread)!

Due to the problems above I have been on a time delay that will end tomorrow morning starting at 11am. I will have 5 more hours to finish my Project Runway Challenge #3, and I think I will channel Timmy for this one. He is such a party guy!

So sorry about the wait, fucking life lemons got in the way, and you can never prepare yourself for fucking life lemons. Nuff said.

*And yes, there are more then three things that bug the shit out of me… sample list:
1. Death
2. Heat
3. Ugg boots
4. Flip flops as formal wear
5. Muffin tops
6. Dead fish handshakes
7. Muffin boob tops
8. Scented Candles at a dinner party
9. Mayonnaise
10. Waiting in line

(these are just some of the top few… feel free to add your own).


Aika Krecek said...

:( I am super sorry for the loss of your Timmy...I know there really isn't much anyone can say to really help but if you need anything, I am always here!

Your hate list reminds me a lot of MY own hate list... although, I do enjoy mayonnaise :)

But here are some of my own to add on:
1. wet socks
2. people who sing-along or say the lines while watching a movie
3. bad parents :(
4. slow drivers
5. people who swear in front of children
6. awkward length socks (above the ankle and below the calve)
7. static sounds on tv or radio
8. mosquitoes
9. Money i$$ues when you're working full time!
10. Unpainted toe nails

Iheartchu, Michelle.



bags, fags, & drags said...

You are too funny! Love your list!