Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Tonight is the night where I, hopefully board a plane and head to Chicago. My heart is racing already! If I make this flight tonight (I am flying standby) I get into Chi-Town at 5:00am. Did you catch that folks? THE RED-EYE. I know. Hard Core.

Since Sock Monkey won’t be awake at 5 AM, I am going to board the “L” and head in her direction, where she will pick me up from the “L” station and we can scream and giggle our way to the nearest coffee shop for some morning sustenance.
The last time I took the “L” was probably 5 years ago, and I am looking forward to it slightly. Since I am flying stand-by thru Miss Wyoming’s sisters’ buddy pass, I have to represent the company and dress up. I am not quite feeling the sleek attire on a train at 5 in the morning with the weather in the 30’s, but since I am totally afraid of public restrooms, I am not about to change at O’Hare. (Can’t you just picture me waiting on the train platform in “job interview” gear and Sock Monkey meeting me in p.j.s?).

I am looking forward to sharing my next few days with everyone. I am bringing a camera so that I can take many photos.

Photos I am most excited to take:
Sock Monkey in her jamies
The “W” hotel
TIM GUND (he is my all time favorite)
My Chicago competition
The public restrooms at the “W” hotel
Sock Monkey’s fat cat “MOOSE”
The producers of PRW
Previous contestants on PRW
Old Style beer

Can you just not wait to see those pics? You will have to be hanging until the day arrives. Which is speeding here so quickly, it will be over in a blink of an eye!

Until then, I would like to dedicate this post '1 1/2 DAYS & COUNTING' to the Drylid-Blackys. They both have not only called to wish me good tidings, but miss thang Wacky-Poo-Blacky posted a fantastic cheerleading blog! You two are like the twin-married-couple Chaz and I have never had. Thank you for being a friend, travel down the road and back again, your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidant.


Katie said...

Is Tim Gund going to be there??
Travel safely my dear.

Wacky Poo Blacky said...

First of all, I have a slight correction. His name is Tim Gunn. I know this, because when I wrote my cheerleading blog, I looked it up on the PRW website. Gotta getta GUND is a slogan for teddy bears. Gotta getta GUNN is your slogan. Second, we love you and Chaz too. We're a little bit country, you're a little bit rock and roll. Look out Osmonds! And, thanks for slipping in the theme from Golden Girls! You rule! Good luck baby!! I can't wait to hear all about it!