Sunday, March 05, 2006

Lo Cal Plate

On most diner menus, the Lo-Cal plate includes cottage cheese, a hamburger patty, a tomato slice and a few peaches. Now I have never ordered the Lo-Cal plate, mostly because it sounds unappealing, and I am not in the right age bracket, nor am thin enough. These are the women who order the Lo-Cal plate:

And these are the women who share the Lo-Cal plate:

The topic of the Lo-Cal plate came up on Saturday when I was eating cottage cheese. Chaz mentioned that he loved him some cottage cheese too, but is unable to eat it due to its ability to liquefy while in his belly and shoot like a rocket out of his ass. We actually caught this on film a few years ago. Take a look:

It was unfortunate timing, and the poor seagulls… Anyway, Chaz went online and looked up the Lo-Cal plate. Usually found under the salad section of traditional diner menus, the Lo-Cal plate is an inexpensive option for a meal. Since I have never had one, I am going to put it on my to-do list. I will keep you posted on my Lo-Cal experience. Bon Appetit.


Anonymous said...

i see good old chaz is dressed inappropriately for beachcombing yet again. you should have had him pee on the beach ninja-style for you.


Chaz Fresh said...

In NYC they called it the diet plate, but the details were the same. I remember my Aunt made that for herself all the time, and I always thought it was crazy.

As for the explosive ass, that sure was an embarrasing day. As you can see in the pic, I really had to go! It was just flyin' out of there. Good thing you were there to get it on film like that.

Wacky Poo Blacky said...

It's funny how everyone has a different definition of a Lo-Cal plate. Mine has just two hotdogs instead of three. Mmmmm, hot dogs.

Jen Black said...

at "Red Robin" restaurant here in Toledo Ohio you can get a burger with two pieces of lettuce instead of a bun....yum...not!
Hey...I'm Jenni, I've been reading Chaz's blog for quite a while until more recently went I went of the radar for a while. But I'm back now and I have some reading to do to catch up. Oh, by the way, I thought of you the other week while watching an episode of Oprah which featured Jimmy Choo's. My three year old daughter loved seeing all of the beautiful shoes...I think this means trouble.
I'm glad you have a's all the fun of Chaz with a female twist!