Saturday, March 18, 2006


The photo shoot yesterday went amazingly well, it just took longer than we thought. 4 hours to shoot 8 garments! Yeah, I know. But they look professional and FANTASTIC! Take a look.

So today I have to take them down to a photo printing place and have them printed as well as 10 pictures of my bags. I am hoping it doesn’t cost over $50. Then I have to find a portfolio to put them in. What do you all think of these ideas:

Michelle’s first fashion folio:
Black book with Black pages
Actually sewing the photographs to the pages (do you think this will look too crafty?)
The first pages garments followed by handbag pictures
Branding each page with my business card or stenciled ‘m’
Including pictures of when I wore the garments (i.e., wedding dress)

Working with Miss Wyoming was a pleasure last night. Since she works in the pro-photo world, she knows all of the touches (hence the photo shoot taking four hours). But since I already gave her a shout out yesterday, it is time for someone else’s glory. Chaz, step on up.
Today Chaz is going to be my right hand man. (He is really my left hand man, ever since we got hitched 3 1/2 years ago, and he placed that ring on my left hand finger). He is going to help me pick ten handbag pictures out of 100, size them down and have them printed. He is going to help me organize the folio as well as pick one out. He is going to buy me lunch (he doesn’t know about this one yet), as well as take me to the fabric store to buy some last minute things: thread, zippers, snaps, etc.

So, Thank you Chaz. I know this whirl-wind experience has been hard for you. I am always in the studio, or running around, and we don’t get to spend much time together, and I know you are feeling a bit left out. I want to thank you. I want to thank you for being incredibly supportive. I want to thank you for stretching the buck when we don’t have much so that I can do this. I dedicated “6 DAYS & COUNTING” to you Chaz. The most loving husband in the world.

Did I tell you all the open casting call is being held at The W hotel in Chicago? Fancy, right? What ever am I going to wear? I am up for suggestions. (No, Chaz, I’m not going to wear a thong…)

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Chaz Fresh said...

I love you too, boo.