Friday, March 17, 2006


(I will try my best to post each day, possibly twice to document the progress of my reality TV experience).

Requirements for the open casting call are:
1. 3 clothing looks of my own design
2. Picture Portfolio
3. Completed application

So far I have the 3rd requirement completed. I have the three pieces that I am going to bring designed on paper. They are:
1. A modern take on a 1950’s style party jacket.
2. An un-boring figure flattering pencil skirt to razzle dazzle at a board meeting.
3. And finally, a Pacific Northwest party dress that goes from baby shower brunch to wine country in the snap of a finger.

Out of the three I am about ½ finished on the jacket.
I still have to:
Finish the sleeves
Add the collar
Attach the lining
Closures (snaps, buttons, etc)

After I get the above completed I need to get all of my finished looks from years past together as well as my dress form and meet up with Miss Wyoming. She and I, bless her soul, are going to her co-workers house to use his photo studio to get me a portfolio! I have ten looks, including my wedding dress, to photograph. Plus about 100 pictures of handbags I already have documented to add to the folio. Once we are done (Miss Wyoming thinks it will take about 3 hours) I need to take her out for something special. Perhaps a cool treat at Dairy Queen?

She has helped me out so much to get this process rolling, from finding me a plane ticket to helping me put together my portfolio. Without Miss Wyoming, my dream of becoming a reality TV star wouldn’t be happening. (for all of the other peeps that have helped me, don’t worry, your blog thanking butt will see the page soon). So I am dedicating this here 7 days left blog to Miss Wyoming!

As far as the other two looks are concerned, I need to start the skirt by tomorrow morning and the dress by Sunday night. Plus find a book for a portfolio and print out all of the pictures and place them, nicely, in my very first fashion folio (say that three times fast). I think that I can do it! I think that I can get it done by Tuesday night! I am the little train that could! Or is it engine?

Miss Wyoming might kill me for using this photo, but it is the only updated picture I have of her! Doesn't Relyt look drunk?!


Wacky Poo Blacky said...

That jacket is amazing! Dibs on it when you become famous!! I am sending you positive vibes daily from Redneck Mountain Town.

Jimmy Drylids said...

Word up on the "positive vibes daily from Redneck Mountain Town."

We are so stoked for you and know you can do it. Santino who?