Wednesday, March 22, 2006

less than 24 HRS & COUNTING

I am here in CHI-town, rolled in at 5 am. Cranky. Tired. Sock Monkey and I went and had some diner breakfast, came back to her place and crashed for a few hours while she, and her beyonce "music man", were at work.

I just washed up, added some clothes (it is cold here) and am going to take off to do some much needed sandwitching topped off with a latte.

I want to take this oppertunity to thank all of you that helped me get here.

Miss Wyoming: Big ups to you and your sister, Jessisca Simpson, for hookin a sister up with some fly ass tickets. (Yes ladies and gents, miss thang here got to sit first class!) I am sorry that my husband, CHAZ, didn't call you, like I asked him too last night to tell you I made it on the flight. I will discuss the afore mentioned with him.

CHAZ: Don't be leavin a bitch hangin. Other than that, Thank you for all of your help. I know you miss your wife, and I haven't seen much of you, BUT, I will be home in a few short days and it will be snuggles all around!

Wacky: Where do I begin. You are the egg that came first to my chicken. Um. What I am trying to say is, Thank You. Every lady needs a kindred spirit like yourself!

Jimmy: A supportive phone call from a friend is like a pint in a storm, ALWAYS WELCOME.

Sock Monkey: To crash at your pad is like re-living the days of yore. (you remember those days when we lived, you know, in Yore?)

Velcro: There is just too much to write here, you cute, stinky dog you.

If I forgot anyone, I am sorry. I am only on but a few hours of sleep. Which reminds me. Guess who I ran into at the airport? Mr New York-New York and his boyfriend Skinny Pants! I haven't seen them since Miss Wyomings wedding, where my parents couldn't get enough of them! They were flying to New York (go figure) and I told them all about the adventure I was about to have. And I quote:
"Girl, I would wish you good luck, but you don't need it- YOU ARE SO GETTING ON THERE!"

I swear ladies and gents, I have it coming out of all ends!

So I am going to raise my glass and toast: "To Tim Gund and his marvelous eye for picking miss thang to be on season 3!"


(I was going to upload some photo's here but I don't think my camera plug thing is compatible with Sock Monkey's Mac... I will wait till she gets home to work this one out.)


Katie said...

How about that first class? huh? huh?
Jessica and I were so happy you got to the windy city safely and in style.
Best Wishes!

bags, fags, & drags said...

you best be telling her that her code name in my blog is Jessica Simpson... she would get a kick out of that!

Chaz Fresh said...

Hey- I actually sent a text message to what I thought was Miss Wyoming, but I checked this morning and it went to our pilot friend of the same name. It was a pretty cryptic message too. Must have freaked pilot friend out pretty good...

Jimmy Drylids said...

Your "plug" doesn't fit into her "mac." That's awesome.

Good luck yo!

Wacky Poo Blacky said...

Yippee!! First class! So glad to hear you made it. You are probably wowing them right now....

Lisa Dandy said...

I know I never see you, BUT I am ALWAYS watching you. GOOD LUCK