Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I worked so hard for PRW, that now that it is over I feel:

a) abandoned
b) lost
c) not quite sure what goal to focus on now
d) proud
e) all of the above

I do have projects on the burner, such as:

a) birthday gifts
b) making bag inventory
c) sourcing handbag retailers
d) making clothes for the summer
e) waxing on and waxing off
f) all of the above

The positive about working so hard to get garments together for PRW is that now I have lots of energy and confidence to continue making garments. What I would like to make in the near future:

a) spring/summer dresses
b) sassy jackets
c) printed t’s with flare
d) skirts with rockets and pockets
e) windshield wiper cozies
f) a summery duvet cover

I am really proud of myself. My garments were beautifully made. They look great on, and each piece was technically better and better than the previous one. I also received a lot of advice on what I need to do to improve my skills:

a) buy 20 zippers and sew them over and over again
b) take the time for the finishing touches, they make a difference
c) get your overlock machine fixed
d) draw/put your ideas/inspirations on paper daily
e) enjoy it

So I am going to work this next week on creating some new pieces, as well as working on the business that I currently have. All in all, I am happy with the direction in which I am going, and plan to ride this train to the top of Creative Mountain!


Wacky Poo Blacky said...

I just rolled Silverware Mountain at work tonight. I think I like the sound of Creative Mountain better!! Sounds like you are feeling pretty inspired, as you should! Can't wait to see what you make!

Chaz Fresh said...

The most important thing is "e) Enjoy it". Have fun with it.

I can't wait for my windshield wiper cozies! Those wipers are really vulnerable and unprotected!

Anonymous said...

Keep working hard, M. Project Runway is so "early 2005" anyways.

After you left the party the other night, everyone kept crowing about what a great personality you had.

"Who was the girl with the cool tatooes and the sunny disposition? I thought only fair-haired girls were so cheerful and sincere."

I had to tell them who you were over & over again.