Saturday, March 18, 2006

less than 6 DAYS & COUNTING

What a day! I didn’t actually hit the thread until quarter past seven this evening, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t uneventful. Today validated the fact that people, deep down, just really want to be humanitarians and help other people. I have seen it more in the past three days than any other time in my life. It is AWE-inspiring.

Here is just a tid-bit of what I have experienced lately:

Friends Miss Wyoming, Wacky, & Gucci have pushed and prodded me and given me support to go out on a limb and fulfill a whim. From procuring me a ticket, to supporting with words from afar, I really couldn’t ask for a better cheer-leading section.

Photos A guy I have never met before letting me use his studio on a Friday night after a long work week working in someone else’s photo studio, of which we stayed for FOUR hours, AND doing the post work (editing) of all of the photos. WHO does that? FOR FREE? Prints them, cleans them up, sets up the lights, etc. FUCKING PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Sales I know, customer service can be a bit tricky to navigate, however, like I stated before, “people inherently want to help people.” It makes us all feel good to have a pleasant interaction with a stranger, and the more we can reproduce those feelings the better our lives are. Two examples:

1. I had to get my digital studio photos of my garments printed at a professional printer. Miss Wyoming guessed it would cost between $50-$60. The first stop estimated over $100 just for 15 prints, which didn’t include my additional 11 prints of handbags. A bit forlorn we left and headed to a second shop. At the second shop (Quick Stop Photo, located in downtown PDX), I was quoted $6 a print. Still too high for my budget. The gal behind the counter then said, “BUT, if you upload them yourself on our computer there (located at the end of the counter), it will cost you a mere $1.99 per print. Or you can go home and upload them there.” She then proceeded to walk us through the process, holding our hands and telling jokes the whole time. An incredibly PLEASANT experience, which only cost $35! HOT DAMN, you say. I KNOW.

2. On the 6 stop quest for finding an inexpensive but sleek portfolio our last stop took us to our neighborhood office supply retailer Office. We walked in and the owner recognized us immediately. “Manny & Michelle, right?” HOLY SHIT, we have met him, maybe twice. And spent a good ½ hour looking up portfolio styles online and showing us what they had, which were fucking beautiful, but way over the bugee. HOW WONDERUFL. What a local neighborhood retailer should be like. I felt like I was at Olive Garden, where we all become family. (Who remembers the waiter, Jeremy?)

So anyhow. I know I am going on and on about this stuff, but I really feel like I am on cloud 9, not only because I am doing what I love, but because of all the people I love around me. I hope this rollercoaster doesn’t stop, because I really don’t want to get off!
Therefore, I dedicate “Less than 6 DAYS & COUNTING” to all of the people out there that love to help others, for nothing but a smile. I am smiling right now.


Chaz Fresh said...

It was a fun day today.

You are right about the customer service today- people were downright helpful. Pretty darn cool.

Katie said...

So...did you find a folio??

Wacky Poo Blacky said...

You just made me smile with your entry! It's nice to hear about the do-gooders. Sometimes it feels like they are a little few and far between, ya know. The whole world is rootin' for you!