Thursday, March 16, 2006


That is what I have to go with. To ride this sewing exploration out.

Today start the mad-capped five day prep that leads up to my Reality T.V. adventure. I am a bit nervous. I go through waves of excitement followed by “what the fuck am I thinking” followed by “I can do this; I whip up stylie looks all the time using my Sears brand Kenmore.” WHAT!

Yeah. That is what I sew on. A Sears, $100 model Kenmore. I am sure the other folks out there that are vying for one of the 16 slots sew with much more fabulous machines, like the golden Juki, or the ever so orgasmic Pfaff. I am having machine envy based anxiety attacks. THERE IS NO TIME FOR THOSE. So today I am going to hit the fabric, head up, fingers crossed that in the next few days I can produce the most mind blowing, creative pieces reality TV. has ever seen.

You with me, yall?


Wacky Poo Blacky said...

You are going to take the world by storm!! I am so proud of you for taking the plunge, following a dream, and actually just acting on something you believe in. So few people do that in their lives! Michael Kors is sooooo 5 minutes ago! Make way for the Wife! You're my HERO...

Katie said...

The Sears brand Kenmore machines rock!
Ride that pony!